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February 18
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As she entered her home, Yuki placed her shoes politely by the door, and almost immediately noticed the smell of cooked food. She knew Ying would've been home, but not their mother. And as far as she knew, Ying couldn't cook.

"Mom!?" She called out as she entered the kitchen. Only to find several empty boxes of frozen food dishes. She puffed her cheeks as she examined the paper box mess surely Ying had left.

As Yuki wandered further into the kitchen, she gasped when she spotted not one, but two empty frozen pizza boxes. One of them happened to be a meat lovers, surely covered in an extra pound of various meats. 

"Did Ying have her friends over?" Yuki couldn't help asking aloud as she began her volunteer cleanup duty. 

It was oddly quiet in the house. Void of the telltale signs of visitors or explosive rear end emissions which usually gave away the fact that Ying was in the house. But Yuki could recall seeing, and smelling, Ying's dirty soccer shoes and socks which were kicked carelessly into the living room.


Yuki's stomach stole her attention as it whined adorably at the pent up gas she had held during her activities. Yuki walked over to the trash to throw away the last of the boxes and bent her knees slightly, almost in a half squat. 


Yuki impressed herself with a long, uninterrupted sound similar to a trumpet. Her flatus wind horned through her jeans and resounded softly in the kitchen. She couldn't help the soft shade of pink which filled her cheeks after it ended with its surprising duration of seven seconds. Leaving only the sent of freshly cut cheese... in the more foul sense.

"Excuse me." Yuki said quietly. Though no one was around, she imagined there could be some spirits she didn't want to offend. As silly as it may sound, she still had the slight belief of ghosts.

Yuki perked up as she heard the sound of distant thunder from upstairs. The all to familiar rumbling from Ying's rear end. Well at least she knew Ying was home, Yuki thought.

"Ying!" Yuki called as she jogged up the stairs. The smell of food became stronger as she approached the top. She was also met with the unpleasant smell of eggs, cabbage and rotten meat. The obvious signs of Ying's gas. She basically followed the trail of Ying's stinky emissions.

Their bedroom was slightly ajar as Yuki almost tip toed up to it. She could hear Ying discussing something about food, not really a surprise. Yuki waited for a moment in Ying's conversation with the unknown to open the door. As she entered, Yuki gasped at the site Ying created.

In their room, mostly situated around the computer desk the twins shared, was a food-tastrophe. Ying sat in their computer chair in only a black tank top and panties, with one leg propped up on the desk, her foot resting next to the keyboard. On both sides of the desk were stacks of empty paper plates and used, crumpled up napkins. In Ying's hand was a pop tart which she had yet to finish. The only other evidence that the empty plates once held food were the few which had some left over pizza crust. Yuki thought her eyes would've bugled out of their sockets if she didn't blink.

"Oh!" Ying said just before taking three large bites to finish of her pop tart. "Hwahay Fhuki!" 

"Ying?" Yuki asked as she slowly approached Ying like she was a grotesque monster. "Did you really eat all that stuff down stairs!?"

Ying glanced at the screen. "Hold on a sec Shiani." Ying pulled out the wireless head phones she was wearing and swiveled in her chair to face Yuki. "Yeah, I was hungry."

Yuki gulped. "H-h-how!?"

Ying narrowed her eyes. "How? You don't think I can work an oven!?" Ying sat back and folded her arms. "I'm not cooking inept you know... if there's directions."

"No Ying. I mean." Yuki glanced at Ying's foot for a moment to go into proper mode. "Thanks for taking your foot off the desk." Then she switched back to her expression of disbelief. "Where did you... how did you... fit it all?" She pointed to Ying's abdomen. 

Shiani could be seen on the computer screen giggling at Yuki's reaction. Though they couldn't hear her, she could hear them.

Ying looked down at herself, she slid down in her chair so she could see past her breasts. Her belly, usually flat, was currently rounded into a dome, no rounder than a distant morning horizon. Her belly only exposed just below her belly button. Ying lifted her shirt with one hand and gave it a pat with the other. She smiled up at Yuki.

"I was hungry when I got home." Ying shrugged as if it were no big deal.

"Ying!" Yuki exclaimed and began naming off the spoils of Ying's meal while counting them on her hands. "You ate seven frozen dinners."

"Really?" Ying asked as she thought about it.

"Yes! I counted the boxes." Yuki continued. "The leftovers from dinner yesterday. ALL of them I should add."

"No one else was gonna eat them!"

"Two, TWO pizzas!"

Ying held her hands out innocently. "They weren't even that big..."

"They were 12 inch pans. That's medium size." Yuki placed her hands on her hips. "And you ate it all in the two hours you were home!?" Honestly, Yuki still didn't believe Ying ate all of that. Though Ying has been proving the strength of her growing appetite recently.

"I finished off the pop-URRRRAAPP!-tarts too. And that snack value pack we got." Ying added. Her mid sentence belch barely fazing her.

Yuki's eyes widened again. "The... those had nine bags of chips still in there!"

"Well now they're in me." Ying chuckled. "Besides, they were mostly air anyway. Speaking of which." Ying lifted a cheek from her seat.

Yuki's hands shot up. "Ying don-!"


The chair was shaken by the first, violent butt blast Ying ripped which started off as a mild rumble but kicked up into a loud ripper comparable to a stack of paper being torn in half. Ying did warn Yuki of the aftershock which came with an even more thunderous noise for another 10 seconds. Its power sent vibrations Yuki had come accustomed to feeling, throughout their small room. Ying playfully smiled as she topped off her 'little' monster with a much cuter rip, which ironically seemed to cause one of Ying's empty plates to fall.

Yuki winced as the smell of a pizza restaurant's dumpster hit her square in her nose. There was that strong hint of cabbage Ying tends to have, but for whatever reason, obvious or not, Ying's gas was down right dangerous. Even Ying herself had to wave her hand in front of her face, both hands in fact. Ying laughed at herself from being caught off guard by her own stench. She began to laugh even harder when Yuki rushed out the room for fresh air.

"Whoo! Gun-Damn that's ripe!" Ying expressed as she put her ear buds back in. The first thing she heard was Shiani laughing from the other side.

"Hehe, can't handle your own medicine?" Shiani teased.

Ying cleared her throat. "I can handle it. Just stronger than usual."

"Did you check the expiration dates?"

"They were frozen." Ying argued. "They can't expire... can they?"

People of Earth and Space!

Here is a little celebration peice for my 100th Deviation! (Which isn't this one) This one will be the 101st! WOO!

So this is sort of a thank you to everyone. Though it is short, it involves the two character's I started this journey with and it gives some hints to where these two will be going in the future! If you keep her nose out for it;)
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ninjakillingknight Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
i know you've heard this a 100 times already but... 
on another note, i feel the need to mention how awesome i think it would be if you wrote a part 2 to this! :D
TheDrifter91 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014   Writer
A part 2? What could a part 2 pooooooooooossibly be???:)
ninjakillingknight Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
the aftermath of all that food of course. :3
TheDrifter91 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014   Writer
Collateral Damage incoming XD
The-Ch0sen-0ne Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
I'm perfectly fine with this RP break if we keep getting stories like this dude. XD 
TheDrifter91 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014   Writer
XD glad to hear it man:)
The-Ch0sen-0ne Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
:3 So I see this is the scenario that Ying alluded to in the RP huh? ;p
TheDrifter91 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014   Writer
Ah yes, you do have more clues to the future than most;) But yes indeed
The-Ch0sen-0ne Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
I am quite lucky. :S
GasFetishist Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
What does everyone think the hints to the future are?  I'm guessing that Ying's gas is going to get too powerful for even her to handle.
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